Analytical Thinking

Exercise 2

Before starting this exercise, I ask you to complete the first exercise involving the alphabets. Only continue with this exercise when you have finished and mastered the first exercise. Like every athlete before starting to run they stretch out for some time so that their muscles are ready to run. Likewise, the brain also needs some warm up exercises to be prepared inorder to solve the exercises that come after. Let’s get to the exercise. In this exercise, you have to write down 3 letter words as many as 30 of them from your memory. 50-100 words would be better. If you can continue writing more than 100 words then it would be awesome. For example: HEN, HIM, THE, MAN, MEN, WAS, ARE, so on and on.analytical thinking Analytical Thinking

You have to write all these words from your memory. If you end up writing 40 words on a sheet of paper, then write the same words 5 to 6 times until you can write all those words without looking at the paper. Now, write down all the words that you have written from backwards from your memory. Don’t cheat!!!!! Some of the words you have selected might form a new word when you write it from backwards. For example: If you had written POT and when you are writing it again from backwards it becomes TOP. The purpose of this exercise is not to see how many letters if written from backward can form new correct words. But the purpose of this exercise is to reverse all the words that you have written in the correct form so that your mind can see things holistically in their entire form.  When you think of the word “HAT”, it should mean not just the sequence “H-A-T” to you, but it should appear as a picture in your mind, each equally important regardless of arrangement.

Perform this exercise at least 25 times all from your memory quickly forward and then quickly backward. When you have a strong grasp of this exercise, the word will appear not as a static sequence of three letters but as 3 separate letters which your mind will be able to group into any form. This exercise will help your brain to break down another rut in which your mind was travelling and take you towards original thinking. As mentioned earlier, it will also help you to see little words in their entirety. It is like training your brain to see from different perspectives.

I would like to stress the point that these exercises are not the end in themselves but they are the means to an end. To make it more clear I will give you an example of boxing. All the boxers use skipping rope in their training but they dont come with their skipping rope in their boxing match. skipping rope is a means to the end and the end is better and quick footwork and imagine the advantages you can have with a better footwork. you might be thinking while doing these exercises how can it help you to think analytically or increase your mental agility as all you are doing is writing the alphabets backwards and intermingling them. Remember that all these  exercises are your skipping rope and it is a means and the end is the mental agility and analytical thinking you will develop if you sincerely devote at least an hour everyday to complete these 2 exercises.

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